About gefufna

What is gefufna?

Well, there is no easy answer to that question. Nobody actually knows what is gefufna. Gefufna is term usually used in mechanics to name the faulty part when something is broken, but nobody really knows what it is. In that case, gefufna is broken, and almost always it should be replaced.

So, if something doesn’t work as expected, blame it on gefufna. It must be broken!

This blog is maintained by Vedran Matica.


2 thoughts on “About gefufna

  1. Denis says:

    Dobar ti je sajt Vedrane I naravno ime je legendarno.
    Vec par puta me je googleton uputio ovjde za SCCM 2007 issues koje sam imao na poslu tako da odlucih da ze zahvalim za wealth of info koje sam nasao ovjde.
    Hvala jos jednom.


    1. Hvala na komentaru i drago mi je ako si ovdje uspio naći nešto što ti je pomoglo.
      Da je malo više vremena i discipline za pisanjem, bilo bi i više tekstova.

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